Prepping Your Garden For Winter: A Step-By-Step Guide

Courtesy of Bru-Mar Gardens

Hello, garden enthusiasts!

The chilly air is rolling in, signaling that it’s time to get our gardens ready for the colder months. Here at Bru-Mar Gardens, we share your enthusiasm for all things green and are excited to walk you through the winterization process for your garden. So, let’s roll up our sleeves and get started!

  1. Tidy Up Initiate your garden’s winter preparation by clearing out any expired plants, invasive weeds, and debris. This tidying up is more than just cosmetic; it helps prevent pests and diseases from making a home over the winter and gives you a pristine starting point for spring.
  2. Trim and Tuck While not all plants require a pre-winter trim, for those that do, the time is now. Trim off any dead or diseased limbs and cut back your perennials. Then shield your more fragile shrubs with a layer of burlap to keep out the biting cold.
  3. Mulch Mastery A thick blanket of mulch is like a warm hug for your soil, helping it retain moisture and keep a more consistent temperature. Lay down your choice of straw, leaves, or wood chips to suppress weed growth and add a layer of protection.
  4. Hydrate Cold doesn’t mean quenched. Make sure to water your garden deeply, particularly the evergreens and any new plantings, to ensure they have enough moisture to withstand the winter dryness.
  5. Container Care Move your container plants to a spot shielded from the frost. For those in terracotta pots, it’s crucial to avoid cracking by either moving them indoors or wrapping them in insulation.
  6. Vegetable Patch Prep It’s the ideal time to enrich your vegetable beds with compost or manure. This step allows the organic matter to integrate into the soil, setting the stage for a nutrient-dense environment for your spring planting.
  7. Grass Grooming Give your lawn one final mow, aerate it, and apply a winter-grade fertilizer. This care will fortify the grass roots and promote a vibrant, green resurgence in the spring.
  8. Tool Maintenance Attend to your gardening tools by cleaning, sharpening, and oiling them. Properly storing them away from moisture helps prevent rust and keeps them in ready-to-use condition for the new season.
  9. Plan and Ponder With a hot beverage in hand, it’s a perfect time to dream up next year’s garden. Flip through seed catalogs, jot down ideas for new plants, and consider any changes you’d like to see in your garden’s layout.
  10. Attracting Birds Don’t forget to put out bird feeders and water baths. They offer a delightful spectacle and are an effective natural method for keeping the pest population in check.

There you have it—your garden will now be well-equipped to weather the frosty months ahead. For any guidance or supplies, remember that Bru-Mar Gardens is your go-to resource.

Wishing you a peaceful winter in the garden!