Beyond Poinsettias: Great Houseplants for the Holidays (and Beyond)

Greetings, plant lovers!

With the holiday season in full swing, it’s the prime time to diversify your indoor greenery beyond the classic poinsettia. At Bru-Mar Gardens, we’ve handpicked a selection of plants that will elevate your holiday aesthetics and keep your home lively into the new year and beyond. Take a peek at our curated list, now including a few fresh faces:

  1. Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera): Adorn your space with the timely blooms of the Christmas Cactus. With flowers ranging from pinks to whites, they’re a cheerful addition, especially in cozy corners with indirect light.
  2. Amaryllis: Nothing says ‘holiday grandeur’ quite like the striking, bell-shaped flowers of the amaryllis. Available in hues of red, pink, white, or even vibrant orange, they’re sure to complement any festive decor.
  3. Norfolk Island Pine: This petite evergreen is perfect if you love the Christmas tree aesthetic but are tight on space. It’s an adorable year-round indoor tree.
  4. Cyclamen: The unique heart-shaped leaves and vivid flowers make cyclamen a striking choice for holiday and winter decor, ideal for those chillier indoor climates.
  5. African Violet: African violets, with their rich leaves and colorful blooms, bring a touch of spring warmth to the winter holidays.
  6. Ivy Topiaries: Chic and elegant, ivy topiaries provide a touch of green sophistication to your home and can be beautifully intertwined with holiday lights or ornaments.
  7. Red Anthuriums: The lustrous red, heart-shaped flowers of the anthurium, also known as the “flamingo flower,” offer a slice of the tropics amid wintry days.
  8. Mini Holly Plants with Berries: Classic and undeniably festive, mini holly plants boast shiny leaves and bright red berries, embodying the spirit of the season.
  9. Paperwhites: With their fragrant, starry white blossoms, paperwhites are a timeless winter favorite, easy to force indoors for a dazzling display.
  10. Forced Caladiums: Stand out with the large, heart-shaped leaves of caladiums, which offer a kaleidoscope of colors and patterns, adding an element of surprise to your holiday decor.

Pro Tip: When gifting plants, think beyond the plant—a decorative pot or festive wrapping can turn a simple gift into a cherished holiday memory.

Conclusion: This holiday season, invite these delightful botanical alternatives into your home for a vibrant and verdant celebration. Stop by Bru-Mar Gardens to explore these selections and discover even more ways to greenify your festivities.

Warm wishes for a holiday filled with peace, joy, and lush greenery!