Harvesting and Preserving Herbs: Tips from Bru-Mar Gardens

As October weaves its mosaic of russet and gold across our gardens, the call to gather and treasure the fragrant gems that have graced our tables and comforted our souls throughout the balmy season becomes irresistible. To relish the charm of these herbal wonders during winter’s embrace, timely harvesting and apt preservation are paramount. Bru-Mar Gardens shares its seasoned expertise, guiding you to embrace the essence of your herb garden as the whispers of autumn grow louder.

Harvesting Tips:

  1. Time it Right: Harvest in the tranquil moments of early morning, once the dew has kissed the earth goodbye but before the sun ascends to its fiery throne. This captures herbs at their aromatic zenith.
  2. Precision Tools: With clean, sharp scissors or pruners in hand, you’ll ensure a neat snip, preserving the herb’s vitality.
  3. Nourish the Green: Remember to retain at least two-thirds of the herbaceous growth, ensuring its continued vitality and future yield.
  4. A Gentle Caress: The essence of herbs is fragile. Touch them with a soft hand to maintain their aromatic integrity.

October’s Green Delights:

While some herbs might have bowed to October’s crispness, several remain resilient, inviting your attention:

  1. Rosemary: Rosemary stands tall, offering its evergreen sprigs even as autumn’s cool breath deepens.
  2. Sage: With its sturdy constitution, sage presents its full-bodied leaves, undeterred by the season’s transition.
  3. Thyme: Thyme, unyielding in its essence, continues to share its fragrant blessings, oblivious to the falling foliage around.
  4. Parsley: Remaining undaunted, this perennial stalwart is often harvest-ready until the season’s inaugural frost makes its appearance.
  5. Chives: Their appearance may hint at weariness by October, but the bulbs and graceful green strands are a reservoir of taste.

Preservation Avenues:

  1. Drying: A classic preservation choice. Position the herbs in a solitary layer in a snug, dry nook, shielded from sunlight’s direct gaze. Or, tie them into clusters and dangle in a well-ventilated corner. When parched, tuck them into hermetic containers.
  2. Freezing: For herbs such as chives and parsley, which tend to lose their zest when dried, the freezer becomes their sanctuary. Mince them, nestle into ice cube trays with a trickle of water, and once solid, transition to freezer pouches.
  3. Infused Oils: Rosemary, thyme, and sage are the trinity for concocting infused oils. Submerge in a jar, drench with a preferred oil—olive or almond—and store in a serene, shaded alcove.
  4. Salt or Sugar Embalming: Intersperse your favored herbs between layers of salt or sugar in a crystalline jar. This dual-purpose method retains the herb’s essence while infusing the medium.
  5. Vinegar Elixirs: With robust herbs, especially sage, a vinegar immersion is the way to go. Nestle them in a jar and top up with vinegar, stowing away from intrusive light.

In summary, October’s arrival isn’t about the curtain call for your herbal ensemble. With the sage counsel of Bru-Mar Gardens and a sprinkle of dedication, your culinary and aromatic endeavors can remain intertwined with your cherished herbs, even amidst winter’s serenade. Wishing you an abundant autumnal gathering!