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Your October Garden Guide

October unfurls with a dance of rustling leaves, cooling breezes, and the quintessential scents of autumn. As we embrace this seasonal shift, our gardens call out for dedicated attention in anticipation of the frosty days on the horizon. The passionate team at Bru-Mar Gardens is delighted to share a specially curated list of tasks and […]

Plant Combinations for a Fall Garden: Perennials and Grasses That Harmonize

Autumn, with its cascade of colors and cooler whispers, is a call to every garden enthusiast to re-envision their landscape. Embracing a blend of perennials and grasses can instill a sense of warmth, richness, and multi-dimensional beauty to your space during this transformative season. Dive into our curated combinations that promise to elevate your fall […]

Lawn Rejuvenation: Lime and Seed with Expert Guidance from Bru-Mar Gardens

As the seasons bring a burst of colors to the world, homeowners in Maryland have a golden opportunity to breathe new life into their lawns. Enter Bru-Mar Gardens, your trusted partner in nurturing a flourishing lawn. This comprehensive guide dives into the essential practices of liming and seeding, tailored to elevate your outdoor space. With […]

Fall Decorating Headquarters: A Celebration of Autumn’s Delights at Bru-Mar Gardens

As the summer heat gives way to the brisk embrace of autumn, the world around us undergoes a remarkable transformation. Trees adorned in hues of gold and crimson, the earth carpeted with fallen leaves – it’s a time of change and beauty. Capturing this essence and bringing it into our living spaces is a cherished […]

Preparing Your Maryland Garden for Fall: Expert Tips from Bru-Mar Gardens

Introduction As the warmth of summer gradually gives way to the crisp and colorful embrace of fall, gardeners across Maryland eagerly prepare their outdoor havens for the changing season. To ensure a seamless transition, a well-rounded plan that encompasses garden cleanup, planting, soil enhancement, and frost protection is essential. At Bru-Mar Gardens, we take pride […]